Analysis for your business

As a medical practitioner, you treat and diagnose patients based on findings and data. Data plays a large role in your day-to-day work. It enables you to properly treat patients, provide correct medications, and address treatments, among many others. This case rings true for your online platform as well. Everything about your online platform and digital presence relies on data.


SEOEchelon handles data like medical practitioners handle patients. We analyze medical businesses and provide solutions based solely on data, and therefore come up with data-driven solutions. As we continue to work with clients, we continuously perform data analysis to watch out for progress and potential setbacks to strategize adjustments and changes whenever necessary.


Data dictates that every online platform has different approaches, different strategies, and requires different solutions. This remains true even for online platforms that all operate in the medical field. Through data analysis, we create tailored solutions that work solely for you and meet your specific needs. We pay attention to everything your practice and online platform require through the power of data.

Complete Progress Visibility

Another useful aspect that comes with data analysis is it perfectly visualizes the progress of your online platform. Through data, we can see the current state of your medical website. Through data, we can create strategies to make your online platform better. Finally, through data, we can keep track of our progress down to the last number. Fortunately, so can you.

SEOEchelon believes in the importance of transparency and honesty. When we say we deliver exceptional results, we back it up with reliable data and transparent progress. When you work with SEOEchelon, we will provide you with a detailed analysis of our progress through weekly or monthly reports. Every number we see, you will see as well. We keep track of the progress together so that you can voice your inputs if you should have any, and we can formulate solutions according to your requests. Similarly, should the data dictate that one strategy isn’t performing at a level that we desire, we calibrate our process accordingly moving forward.

That said, you will have complete visibility of our progress. You will see how well our strategies are doing through honest, detailed, and data-driven reports. All in all, you will have peace of mind knowing that our work is bearing fruit. Data backs that up.

Data-Driven Insights and Solutions

As we’ve reiterated, we observe data so we are able to come up with suitable and appropriate solutions. For further visibility, these are the kinds of insights we can gather from data and the potential solutions we derive from them.

Data Dictates Patient Insights

Data lets us know the exact demographics and audience your medical practice should target in the digital realm. On top of that, data also dictates user behaviors online, website retention, content performance, and more.

This also allows us to adjust our local SEO strategies so your online platform makes it across your target audience. We do this by adjusting our content, location-based targeted ads, and marketing efforts. We find which content users respond to more and capitalize on that through keyword frequency and internal linking, for example. The users’ responses to our targeted ads also let us know how paid ads perform and how often we should put forth similar advertisements.

SEO Performance

Data gives us a comprehensive report on how your website is responding to our SEO efforts. It lets us see how our SEO strategies have improved your website in terms of search engine results rankings. On top of that, it makes us aware of which strategies failed to increase your rankings and which ones succeeded. We take this information to formulate subsequent SEO strategies so you can rank up even further.

SEO performance also changes over time, especially in content creation. Data lets us know which content is still performing well and which ones require adjustments or aren’t performing well anymore at all. In response to this data, we can bump up non-performing articles by making edits, fixing broken links, and adjusting keywords, among other strategies.

User Engagement

One of the metrics we want to consistently keep an eye on is user engagement. We want to know how long users stay on your website and which parts of your website most users tend to flock towards. We want to increase user engagement and website retention through data analysis.

There are several factors that contribute to user engagement, from content readability to site speed. We will take everything into account whenever retention is low. We then drive that up depending on the errors and lackluster website factors according to what our data results tell us.

All in all, data tells us how to make users stay on your website more.

Real-Time Monitoring

SEOEchelon has access to dashboards that give us access to real-time analytics. This dashboard is visible to you as well. This is a part of our aim to be as transparent and honest as possible with our progress. That’s one of the most beautiful things about data. It is completely visible and provides a sufficient explanation for every question we have about your website.

Future-Proof Online Presence

With data analysis, we can craft strategic solutions so we can elevate your online platform to the next level. Our SEO strategies, marketing efforts, and online campaigns rely heavily on the data we consistently gather for your website. As a result, we are able to use past and present data to create future-proof strategies.


The digital world can be highly unpredictable. However, it becomes a little bit readable when you know how to read and analyze data. SEOEchelon has spent years learning about online marketing and SEO strategies. Our experience has helped countless medical practices and clinics. Many of our efforts come from data analysis and our ability to read and analyze data.


When you continue working with us, we ensure that you’re able to read and analyze every single data that we gather as well. You will have a complete understanding of your website’s progress into online success.