Healthcare SEO Audit For Your Medical Website's Welfare

Just as you perform checkups on a patient to see how their physical health is doing, it is vital to perform an SEO audit on your healthcare website to see if it is performing well. It is the optimum way to make sure your website continues to work for you and your medical practice. After all, making SEO efforts is no menial task. You’ll want to make sure when you do set up SEO efforts, they actually make your website stand out from your competitors.

It can be frustrating when you employ an SEO strategy and it doesn’t seem to work at all. With that said, when you work with SEOEchelon, we will make sure that the strategies we put in place will do wonders for your website. An SEO audit is the first step to achieving that.

Paid digital advertising is a strategy we employ for this very purpose. Paid digital advertising is one way to get ahead of the competition and be placed right across your target audience and in the correct geographic location. Our tested and proven healthcare marketing agency services are sure to get you more patients, more appointments, and thus, more profit.

Browse through our medical advertising services and see how strategies and expertise can help your medical practice grow.

The Workings of an SEO Audit

An SEO audit is only one step to our SEO efforts, but this simple step has a lot of considerations. To fully perform a check-up of your site and see how we can make it better overall, there are a handful of things we will first need to do. To give you an idea of what we can do for your healthcare website, here is a glimpse into the methodology of an SEO audit.

We also take location into consideration when placing online ads. We want those who are closer to your clinic to see you digitally so that they will be aware of your presence. Thus, should they require a medical professional, they’ll turn to you instead of your competitors.

From the beginning, we create ads that are targeted directly to your demographic. With your information and practice and our expertise and services, your appointment bookings will skyrocket.

Site Crawl

One of the first things we’ll have to do when performing an audit is to run a site crawl. This is a way for us to figure out the overall SEO health of your website. We will perform a site crawl on your site the same way Google does site crawls. This way, we will see the SEO state of your site just as Google sees it. This will let us know how and why your website isn’t ranking as high as we want it to be.

Performing a site crawl also allows us to see any errors you may have already made with your SEO strategy. This helps us correct any prior mistakes and adjust better moving forward.

Website Indexing

Website pages need to be indexed in Google’s database in order for them to be ranked. If your webpage isn’t indexed, it may be the reason why it never ranks in Google. We will also figure out certain reasons as to why you have pages that are unindexed so that we can avoid the same mistakes moving forward.

Not every page needs to be indexed. Only those that you want to appear on search engines. This includes blog pages, feed pages, admin pages, and pages with redirects, among others.

Internal Links Analysis

Internal links are a great healthcare SEO strategy to employ if you want your pages to rank in search engines. Pages with internal links let Google crawl your page and possibly rank it high. Of course, there are a few considerations here such as using the right keywords, your anchor text, the link itself, and more.

This is a major part of our healthcare SEO efforts and one of the things we’ll pay attention to during the audit. We’ll see the links you use, the pages you link to, etc. We’ll do keyword research if necessary to make your links work better for your healthcare website.

Backlink Strategy

On top of checking up on your internal links, we’ll also make sure that you have a healthy amount of organic backlinks. Like internal links, backlinks give your site better authority and make it more attractive to search engines. Pages that are backlinked by authoritative and indexed pages tend to rank higher in searches. This is what we want for your pages.

That said, we’ll compile backlinking opportunities as we explore your pages. We’ll find domains that link to your competitors and see if we can get these domains to link to your pages as well. This is a powerful healthcare SEO strategy we will employ from the get-go.

Check Up of Website's

Your website architecture is the overall structure of your web pages. Your website needs to have a comprehensive architecture so that users can find your pages much easier. On top of that, this also allows Google to crawl your website much better.

Your website architecture ultimately contributes to you ranking higher in search engines. This means it is part of our healthcare SEO strategy. As such, it will be one of the things we will look at during the audit. We’ll see if your website architecture is comprehensive or not and whether changes need to be made.

Content Strategy and Analysis

The content on your website plays a huge role in your healthcare SEO. It’s where you can place links, build authority, and gain a loyal readership for your healthcare website. That said, one of the things we’ll particularly keep an eye on when doing the SEO audit is your content.

We can then strategize and come up with more and better content for your website. We’ll do keyword research and come up with a list of topics and articles that you can publish on the site. This will help you rank in search engines better.

Website Speed Analysis

We will also take the time to check the overall speed and smoothness of your website. If your site loads slowly and is rough to navigate, it will not rank high in search engines like Google. Website speed has been a huge factor when it comes to search engine optimization and ranking. Your code and backend are just as important as your structure and website appearance.

That said, we’ll need to make sure your website is fast not only for the sake of your users, but also for the sake of healthcare SEO. We’ll take note of your site’s issues and errors and fix them to make your site load faster.

Keyword Research and

As we perform the audit for your website, we will also perform keyword research so we can build up content strategies moving forward. We will find keywords that have not appeared on the site, which keywords have worked best for you in the past, and which we will avoid entirely.

We will know which keywords to prioritize so that our content and SEO efforts don’t go to waste. After all, creating content and creating strategies for search engine optimization is timely and costly. Keyword research makes it so that this particular effort is fruitful.

Competitor Benchmarking

An SEO audit also includes knowing where you rank in comparison with your competitors. We will check the websites of other healthcare businesses and see what they’re doing right if they rank higher than you.

We will check your competitors’ authority scores, organic traffic, organic keywords, and overall ranking. From here, we will optimize our strategies so we can rank higher and overtake your competitors in the long run.

Check for Duplicate Versions

When your website sits on different URL versions, this can be damaging to your healthcare SEO. What this means is that when your site has to be entered with a “www” or runs on HTTPS, Google can see these as different versions of your site. Google sees “” and “” differently.

When this happens, it is difficult for Google to do a crawl on your site, thus restricting it from ranking your pages. We’ll have to ensure that all URL versions redirect to your original page and stop Google and other search engines from seeing different URL versions of your site as duplicates.

Ranking Monitoring

Finally, after all of our healthcare SEO efforts, we will then continuously monitor your ranking in search engines such as Google. If your website’s SEO health is particularly low, it may take time for you to rank up to the level you desire. However, there’s nothing to worry about. As long as we maintain our efforts and keep up with our healthcare SEO strategies, we will, in time, get your pages to rank high.

This is something we will keep coming back to. We’ll ensure that our healthcare SEO services end up being fruitful and beneficial to your healthcare business.

Qualities of a Healthy Healthcare Website

There are a lot of reasons why a website ranks high in organic search results. A lot of the work we’ve done throughout the years aims to do the same. We work with healthcare businesses and employ various healthcare SEO strategies so they can have a healthcare website that’s high in search rankings, attractive to users, and profitable for your healthcare business.

You will see the following qualities on the websites of your competitors. At the end of our work, you will see them on your medical website as well.

Ranks High in Search Engines

Of course, the most obvious and best quality of a healthy website is that it ranks high in search results. A healthy website has a lot of organic traffic, brings in a lot of potential patients, and stands out over other healthcare websites. This takes a lot of local SEO efforts, good strategies, and a skilled team to accomplish.

Healthy websites contain pages that have excellent healthcare SEO. It was audited well and effective strategies were put in place. This is what we want to achieve for your healthcare site. In time, with technical SEO efforts and content marketing, your pages will rank high as well.

We as a healthcare marketing agency ensure you’ll have a ton of visibility on Facebook. We want Facebook users from your area to become familiar with you and your practice.

Facebook ads practice a “push” method of advertising. It places your brand or practice in front of people who may not be aware of your brand, to begin with. Brand awareness is an important process for medical marketing and Facebook ads make that easy.

Your ads can appear on someone’s News Feed or Home feed. However, they can also appear at the end of videos.

We place these display ads on other sites your users may explore from time to time. They can be placed on social media sites as well. These display ads aim to attract users and lead them to your platform.

In our day and age, especially in the digital world, it helps to think about the aesthetic aspect of everything you put online, even advertisements. As a healthcare marketing agency, this is something we take into consideration as well. Hence, the display ads.

Loads and Runs Fast

A healthy medical website should load and run fast. Otherwise, not only does it turn off new visitors and decrease your website retention, it also makes it difficult for Google to crawl your site, thus preventing you from ranking high.

Healthy websites have limited redirect usage, coherent code, optimized images, and limited HTTP requests, among many others, that cause it to load and run fast. As a result, new users stay on the website more and end up becoming potential patients. Ultimately, a fast and smooth website is attractive to Google and its user base.

Informative Content

A healthy medical website contains an abundance of high-quality content that is informative and optimized with healthcare SEO. These are pages that rank high and readers immediately go for when searching for relevant keywords. Informative content makes a website appear trustworthy and authoritative. When you work in the healthcare industry, this is a reputation you want to uphold.

With that said, you will need to start thinking about putting up informative content as well. Not only do these contents need to be well-written, but they also need to educate the public. On top of that, they also need to utilize proper healthcare SEO.

Initially, YouTube ads will not be able to generate as many appointment bookings as Facebook or Instagram ads, especially not compared to Google Ads. However, it is a great marketing strategy to develop brand identity and brand visibility, and it is a great way to educate people and showcase your expertise.

Clear and Relevant Images

A proper and healthy website contains images that are relevant to the content and the website itself. The images also need to be clear and high quality. Clear and relevant images make the website appear more attractive to readers and it promotes website retention. They also make content appear more appealing to your site visitors.

The images also need to be optimized properly so that they do not jeopardize site speed. One can be liberal with the use of licensed or personal images while still maintaining a fast and smooth website.

Attractive Design

Your healthcare website as a whole needs to appear attractive to the user. This is an undeniable sign of a healthy website. This means using clear and beautiful images, having a neat and coherent structure, having a high site speed, and most importantly, everything needs to be understandable to the user.

When a visitor lands on your site, they must be able to navigate it properly and be attracted to its appearance. Your healthcare SEO and website design are at work here. With that said, pay attention to how you design your site. It needs to be attractive without being overcluttered and messy.

Healthy Link Building

A healthy website has a decent amount of working and relevant links, whether to other pages on the site or other relevant web pages. Links are abundant, but not so much so that it takes away from user experience. It is beneficial to local SEO without being glaring to the website visitor.

Link building also promotes website retention as it encourages users to browse through multiple pages on your website in a span of time. As long as you only publish relevant and informative content, your links will do wondrous work for you and your website.


You will also need to take accessibility into consideration should you want to have a healthy medical website. This means keyboard navigation, use of alt texts in images, correct headings, proper color contrasts, transcripts, and more. Users with impairments must have the capability to browse through your site using third-party assistive software.

Not only does this aid you with technical SEO and search rankings, but this is also compliant with HIPAA regulations. As a website that operates in the healthcare industry, accessibility isn’t only a suggestion but a necessity. This is another aspect you will have to consider for the sake of your website’s health.

Mobile Friendly

A vast majority of online users browse the web through their mobiles rather than computer desktops. If your website has mobile friendliness issues or isn’t created for mobile devices at all, it is detrimental to user experience and our overall technical SEO efforts.

With that in mind, a healthy website has little to no mobile friendliness issues at all. It runs as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop browsers. Healthcare businesses need to be accessible to those who strictly browse the web on their phones.


One of the most important facets of healthy healthcare websites is that they are unyieldingly secure. As a website in the medical industry, you will end up receiving a lot of patient information that is private and confidential. These pieces of vital information must in no way be compromised in any way, shape, or form. Your website needs to be secure enough so that any data and private information remains secure and protected.

Healthcare organizations and other third-party groups keep track of the security and privacy of healthcare websites. Healthy websites spend premium dollars to keep their security intact. This is for the sake of their users, patients, and their medical practice itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions about SEO auditing, and we have answers for you.

An SEO audit is a service that covers every ground of your website development efforts. It peers into your SEO efforts, design, development, and more to see how you fare well against the standards set by search engines such as Google, and whether or not you appear in search engine results pages. This effort is then followed by strategy building to help your website rank high in search engine results through search engine optimization, website architecture modification, backlinking efforts, and more.

However, if your website needs to be designed from the ground up, this process can take longer. Usually, making healthcare websites from the ground up takes about 30 to 60 days depending on the intricacy of information regarding your practice and specialty.

It is absolutely critical to perform an SEO audit if your medical website is not performing as well as you desire it to. The purpose of your medical website is to reach new customers and potential patients so that you will see an increase in appointments and profits. When your website does not fulfill this purpose, an SEO audit becomes a necessary step. It ensures your website functions well in the digital realm and can navigate the intricate rules set by search engines. It ensures all the money you spend on website development comes back to you in the long run.

There are things we must discuss when it comes to your web design, of course. We will do our best to accommodate your requests, but we must also make considerations for the sake of overall design, function, and SEO.

Whatever the case, your overall website design will be a result of a collaboration between you and VMeDx.

The timeline of SEO audits varies depending on the health of the website. If your medical website utilizes poor local SEO strategies and is completely unoptimized, the audit can take time. Two to six weeks are generous time frames for this effort. In certain circumstances, however, if a website is particularly healthy and only requires minor tweaks and changes for it to rank better in search engine results, the SEO audit can only take about a week or two. SEOEchelon will do its best so that we can finish the SEO audit as soon as possible so we can begin building your website up.

The cost of the SEO audit will depend on how long the audit itself takes, which is also dependent on the overall health of your website. The cost for this service has different fee structures. We can operate on a fixed fee structure or an hourly payment system can also be utilized depending on the required work. For more information on fees, speak to us directly and we will formulate an invoice that is proportionate and appropriate to the amount of work your website requires.

Some businesses and website developers are blessed with the skills and knowledge when it comes to website development, content marketing, and search engine optimization. There are a handful of websites that have not undergone SEO audits simply because they are already knowledgeable when it comes to navigating the intricate web of the online world. That said, there is an equal number, if not a more significant number of websites that have undergone SEO audits before they ever attained the numbers that they desire. Many of the clients we’ve worked with now operate successful businesses with the help of their online platform. An SEO audit is the first step to reaching this success.

Begin Your Growth Today

Don’t settle with having a website that is lackluster and underperforms in the digital arena. Edge over your competitors and start utilizing good SEO practices so that your website grows and works for your medical practice. Take that first step and work with SEOEchelon today. We will conduct an SEO audit on your website so we can devise the perfect strategy and attain online success together!

Have a website that clients, customers, and patients in your area can reach with ease. Make them choose you over your competitors. Make your website attractive, informative, and trustworthy and your business will flourish along with it.

We'll assist you in reaching your target audience effectively.

SEOEchelon adapts to the ever-changing landscape of the online world. As such, we are able to stay ahead of the curve and be the leading SEO strategist among our competitors. We are confident in our success, and, through our services, even more so in yours. We expand your online presence through multiple avenues and services.

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