Medical SEO Search Engine Optimization

In our current economic and cultural landscape, the role the online world has played in our day-to-day lives has become more and more massive. Everything we require, from human connections to research is acquired online. The same is true for our medical needs. More patients have turned online for medical information, inquiries, and information on medical professionals to turn to.

This is why it is vital for medical clinics everywhere to have a medical platform in our day and age. It is now an essential lifeblood that keeps your medical practice running. All healthcare providers and practitioners who keep a healthy business do so by employing an online platform.

That being said, having an online platform is just the first step of the equation. Your competitors also have an online platform to speak of. This means you need to rank higher than your competitors in search engine results pages so that audiences find your page instead of theirs. This is where medical search engine optimization comes into play.

What is Medical SEO?

Medical SEO, or search engine optimization, is a service that allows your platform to rank higher in local search engines such as Google. It is essentially a practice that is applied to your medical website so that Google sees it as a more authoritative and reliable source. This is done through multiple efforts such as content creation, website optimization, review generation, and more.

When your website uses Medical SEO successfully, it ranks higher in search engines. Your website appears in organic search results and gains more traffic. This, in turn, helps your website reach a wider audience. More and more people will see your online platform, thus giving you a better opportunity to gain more patients through your online platform.

In a nutshell, a successful SEO strategy means higher audience engagement, which means more client appointments, and ultimately, means better profit for your healthcare business.

How We Optimize Your Platform With Medical SEO

SEOEchelon consists of highly skilled SEO experts. We have curated SEO strategies that equate to success in the digital realm. We help health services have more visibility through organic search results so that they gain more online traffic.

We take meticulous steps to ensure your website ranks higher than your competitors. You want your website to be the first to appear whenever potential patients search for keywords such as “doctors near me” or “best doctors in my city.” Through proper SEO strategy employment, content creation, website optimization, and more, we can achieve this and raise your website traffic and audience engagement.

With that being said, here are some of the steps and processes we take for your website using Medical SEO.

Medical SEO auditing

First things first, before we can figure out exactly what it is we can do for your website, we must first do a complete SEO audit. An SEO audit is somewhat like a health check for your website. We will do a thorough check of your website and see where you're at in terms of SEO. We will check things such as indexing, crawlability, on-page SEO, and backlinks. We will also check how user-friendly your website is, its overall architecture, and how fast it can load. All of this helps us gather information and plan out the correct strategy so that your website becomes properly search engine optimized in the coming months.

Content creation

Content creation is how we generate search traffic and make your website appear on the first page of search engines. We will perform keyword research and utilize those keywords while writing informative and authoritative articles. When patients search for specific keywords, your content pages will be the ones that they'll see first. This is an important facet of local SEO. Not only will your content be filled with keywords to help with local SEO rankings, but it will also be high-quality content that properly informs audiences. This makes your website more reliable and engaging.

Optimize website speed

The speed of your medical website plays a huge factor in our SEO efforts. When your website is fast, it provides a great user experience. This encourages visitors to stay on your site longer and browse more articles and content. In short, if your website is fast and provides a great user experience, it encourages on-site retention. A faster website also makes search engine crawling faster. What this means is the search engine can search through your website faster, which allows it to index your site faster, which makes your site rank faster. It hastens up the SEO efforts and makes people see your website much sooner.

Collect reviews for local SEO

Websites that have reviews appear more reliable and authentic in the eyes of visitors. That said, we will have to collect reviews for your medical practice and put them on your site. We can do this by reaching out to loyal patients and asking them for their honest feedback. We will then place these reviews on your site to elevate your local SEO rankings. The existence of reviews on your site also encourages newer patients to leave their own reviews, which is great for audience engagement. All in all, this improves patient trust, and credibility, and draws in more audiences to your website.

Make website layout intuitive

On top of making your website faster, we will also make sure that it is intuitive and easy to understand. We want visitors to be able to get to a part of the website easily. For example, if they are looking to browse through your blog pages and articles, we'll make sure that this page is easier to find and access. In our efforts to achieve this and make your website faster, we will have to go through the entirety of your website's architecture and optimize everything we can. We'll change, remove, or add scripts, change entire layouts, and swap out images, among other efforts, if necessary.

Consider mobile-friendly layout

Over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. This is an area in digital marketing strategies you do not want to disregard. Mobile optimization and integrating a mobile-friendly layout for your website can be a tricky and time-consuming endeavor. However, we'll make sure this process is seamless for you. This is one of the best ways you can make your medical practice stand out in the digital realm. We'll make your website accessible and intuitive on mobile devices so visitors can browse through your site on the go.

Webpage interlinking

Webpage interlinking is a great SEO strategy to make users stay on your website longer. Not only that, but it also makes search engines find your content faster. We will write content that links to another page that's already on your site. Users can then click on this link and browse through another page on your site, allowing for longer on-site engagement. This is also a great way of taking advantage of pages that have high traffic. We can put links on these pages that lead users to other lower-performing sites to increase your page visits across the board.

Aim for a high EEAT ranking

Many of the efforts we do here contribute to you having a high EAT score. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. It is one of the factors Google takes into consideration when crawling through sites. This means your content and your webpage as a whole must lend credence to your expertise and trustworthiness in the medical field. Having a high EAT score is more than just having authoritative and expertly written articles. You must also have a lot of backlinks for other reliable sites, have high page visits, and great reviews. Ultimately, this is a goal we will achieve through SEO strategies.

Build backlinks

Backlinking is an off-page SEO effort we can utilize to bring in more traffic and visitors to your website. Essentially, when Google sees that multiple websites link to your website, it sees your website as reliable and authoritative. In turn, your landing page or article pages rank higher on search engines. We can place links to your website on directory listings, review sites, forums, and other websites that generate content. We can also request to contribute quotes and passages to news outlets via sites such as, among a few others.

Constant progress monitoring

We will monitor how your website is doing traffic-wise and ranking-wise from time to time. All the while, we will also browse through the site to see which parts of our efforts have worked and which haven't. That way, we can optimize our strategies and make sure your Medical SEO is worthwhile and effective in the long run. Part of this also includes paying attention to your competitors and seeing how their Medical SEO fares. If there is anything they are doing better than you, we guarantee that we will come up with a strategy that's better and more effective for your website.

How Your Business Flourishes
When You Rank #1 in Search Engines

Ranking #1 in search engines is the best thing that can ever happen to your website. Imagine each time someone searches a medically-related keyword and the first page they see is one that leads to your site. This can translate to tens of thousands, if not more, of clicks on a regular basis.

This is how you figuratively and literally stand out in the digital world as a medical practitioner. On top of that, though, here are other changes that will happen to your practice once you start ranking in search engines through Medical SEO.

Higher website traffic

The clearest benefit that comes with ranking high in search engines is you’ll immediately see an increase in website traffic. You’ll find that more and more people will browse through your site and even stay in it longer. A higher website traffic means being more reliable and credible in the eyes of Google. This then creates a series of benefits for you wherein Google ranks you better simply because your website traffic is high, leading you to have even higher traffic as a result.

Increase in appointments

When you rank higher in search engines, you’re able to reach a wider audience locally. Those who search for doctors and healthcare professionals in their area will have a higher chance of finding you over your competitors. As a result, their appointments and bookings will go straight to you instead of another.

Generate new organic reviews

A higher audience engagement means a better opportunity to have more organic reviews. Our efforts will ensure you have a steady stream of page visits and actual appointments. As a result, you’ll have more patients who can leave organic reviews. This then makes your website even more credible and authoritative, which does wonders for our SEO strategy.

Less paid ads

If you’ve done paid ads before, that’s something you don’t have to consider anymore when you begin ranking high in search engines. The amount of engagement and traffic you’ll receive normally is equal to or higher than what you’ll ever gain from a paid ad. This is great for your cash flow and expenses. You can remove this from your financial books or simply invest it in another aspect of your practice.

More authoritative reputation

Your website will also begin to have an authoritative reputation the more and longer you rank high in search engines. This is because most audiences will go to your site for your information on any medical matters. As previously mentioned, ranking high also means more patients, which means more organic reviews. This is a strong contributor to making your website more authoritative, thus making Google rank your site even higher.

Higher long-term profit

All-in-all, all the efforts we make in terms of Medical SEO lead to long-term profit. We increase your traffic so that you’ll have more patients. Imagine having at least a thousand-page visits per day and having just 10 of those become patients. Imagine that being a daily occurrence. That many patients regularly means a ton of profit for you in the long run.

Healthcare SEO for Authentic and Organic Growth

As a medical practitioner, you want your business to see authentic and organic growth. It doesn’t have to be fast immediately; it must be sure, consistent, and genuine. That’s a benefit you’ll see once you take advantage of healthcare SEO. With SEOEchelon, we’ll do everything we can to ensure your website sees a constant flow of traffic without using paid ads.

All the while, we aim to make your visitors engage with your page. They will stay on your website longer. We will then strategically place call-to-action banners so those page visits lead to clinic visits.

To set your expectations straight, not all page visits turn into patients. Realistically, only about 5% of page visits are profit-generating for your clinic. However, as long as we can maintain a high number of monthly page visits, we can also ensure a high frequency of new patients regularly.

There are a lot of healthcare websites on the internet right now. A lot of them are your direct competitors. They may be practitioners and clinics that are located in your general area. That said, our SEO strategies will target your demographic and area specifically so that your healthcare business will stand out in your location. We want every possible patient in your area to opt for your practice instead.

This program caters to medical practices of any kind, from Neurosurgery to Plastic Surgery.

Every dollar you put into the program becomes a profitable investment, for the future and success of your practice in the online market.

See A Growth of Over 95% In Just Three Months

SEOEchelon has worked with various healthcare providers from different specialties in the healthcare industry. Our medical website SEO practices consistently target at least a 95% growth in traffic and engagement in less than three months. We deliver strategies that are efficient and swift so that every cent you spend on Medical SEO returns to you ten times over in the near future.

Through high-quality content, effective interlinking, and backlinking, auditing, and more, your website will also see a growth of over 95% in three months, if not less. Give your site an advantage over other healthcare websites today. Rank higher in the most popular search engine in the world and see an increase in appointments and in-clinic appointments!

Talk to us today and we will do everything that we can to generate more web visits and attract more patients. Let’s elevate your medical practice together.

Cost-Effective Pricing

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Gold Plan



Rank nationally for broad, highly-searched keyword terms nationwide.

Ultimate Plan



Ultimate package for complete SEO boosts!

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical SEO
(Search Engine Optimization)

Medical SEO is a field, not many medical practitioners are too knowledgeable about. It’s not a new area of online marketing, but it is still a pretty niche subject that is not something you will likely hear regularly when you converse with peers and other healthcare professionals.

That said, you may have a couple of questions regarding Medical SEO. For your peace of mind, here are some frequently asked questions about Medical SEO and our answers to them.

This is how you figuratively and literally stand out in the digital world as a medical practitioner. On top of that, though, here are other changes that will happen to your practice once you start ranking in search engines through Medical SEO.

Realistically speaking, our SEO efforts will begin to take effect in two to three months. That’s a generous approximation, but it is our target when we provide our SEO services. This can also depend on where your website is currently at SEO-wise. It may take us time to do a complete audit of your site. The changes and additions we’ll make may also take time. After all, great content takes time to complete.

Google may also take time crawling through your site and indexing it. We will do our part to make your site run as smoothly as possible so that this process can be hastened.

That said, as long as it begins working, the ball will start rolling and our SEO efforts will consistently do wonders for you.

It can be argued that the practice of SEO arose when the internet came to be in the early 1990s. However, it wasn’t actually officially a standard practice until around 1997. It has only become more and more popular since then.

SEO was mainly a strategy initially used by e-commerce and B2B websites. However, it quickly branched out to other industries, the medical industry included. That said, it’s fair to say that Medical SEO has been around for over 20 years. Far from new, as you can imagine.

In essence, any practice, medical or otherwise, can work without Medical SEO. However, you will have a much easier time making your practice work when you make use of healthcare SEO services. Millions upon millions of users make use of search engines on a regular basis to look up information. A healthy chunk of those users may be in your area searching for healthcare information or medical providers.

Imagine running a marathon while barefoot. You can make it to the end, but you’ll have a harder time getting to the finish line. Plus, your competitors will greatly outrun you. This is what it’s like to manage your medical practice without healthcare SEO. You’ll manage, sure, but why would you run a marathon without the proper footwear?

Content is one of the main factors of our Medical SEO strategy. Through content, we will be able to create interlinks, optimize through keyword research, and ultimately increase your EAT rating so that your website receives more traffic.

That said, yes, content is extremely important in Medical SEO. It will be a major contributor to your website’s success. This is why VMeDx will provide you with high-quality and search engine optimized articles that are guaranteed to rank high in search engines.

Medical SEO and medical marketing are both essential to your practice. They’re essentially cut from the same cloth. However, the two have distinct differences. Medical SEO is concerned with optimizing your website so you organically appear higher in search engine results, allowing you to be seen by users more easily.

On the other hand, medical marketing covers all grounds to promote your website and practice, including paid advertisements. That said, both are optimum strategies your website may need depending on your needs. However, the growth you’ll see using SEO is more organic and natural whereas digital marketing strategies let you use paid avenues to gain traffic.

Poor SEO practices. That’s the main reason why your website ranks poorly in search engine results such as Google. Conversely, your competitors make use of SEO strategies regularly and efficiently, which is why you are greatly outranked. That said, the only way to circumvent this is to use healthcare SEO services and promote efficient SEO practices.

There are a lot of poor SEO practices you may be doing without even knowing it. For example, your content may be targeting the wrong keywords. You may use links that are outdated and broken. The content you put out may be poorly written or thoughtless. Your website may be working slowly.

These are only a few examples, but even just a few of these are already detrimental to your website. When you begin using SEO for medical practices properly, your website will begin to rank higher in search engines. Not only will your website appear on the first page, but through our strategies, you’ll see your pages rank first in search engines.

There are a handful of users online who make use of other search engines aside from Google. Bing and Yahoo still see a large number of monthly users. However, Google was, still is, and will still be the king of search engines, at least in the foreseeable future.

Our healthcare SEO strategies will take other search engines into consideration. However, our efforts will mostly focus on ranking you higher in Google searches. That’s where most users are and that’s where you’ll get a lot of your traffic.

For as long as your website is up and running, you will have to take SEO strategies into account. This ensures your website has longevity and that your content and pages will always appear on the first page of search results. Making healthcare SEO a regular practice for your website will also make sure you don’t eventually get outranked by your competitors.

Don’t worry, though. The longer you make use of healthcare SEO, the more natural it will become for you. Running your website will not be the same without it. It’s something you’ll eventually be always conscious of. You will always write high-quality content, you’ll always pay attention to the speed of your website, and more.

If your healthcare business is already successful, first of all, well done! It isn’t easy to become a successful healthcare practitioner in our day and age given the abundance of competition and how unpredictable the industry itself can be. That said, yes, Medical SEO can still prove useful to you, even if your healthcare business is already successful. Here’s why.

As previously mentioned, the healthcare industry can be extremely unpredictable. A lot of changes can happen in your industry that will greatly affect your practice in one way or another. The rise of digital marketing also means those who take advantage of medical website SEO strategies will have a higher chance of being more successful in the long run than those who don’t use them at all.

Medical SEO is your insurance so that your healthcare business remains successful. It may be successful now without it, but who’s to say how successful it still is going to be in a year from now? Healthcare SEO deters unwanted and unpredictable scenarios from destroying the success of your healthcare business.

Our Skilled and Talented Team of SEO Experts

SEOEchelon consists of skilled and talented SEO experts who will work tirelessly to ensure that your website always appears on the first page of search engine results pages. We have employed writers, virtual medical assistants, and consultants who are skilled and knowledgeable in SEO.

Our SEO experts will fully refurbish your website to meet every reasonable SEO practice requirement. We will provide you with authoritative, informative, and search engine-optimized content. Our developers will help you ensure your website runs more smoothly than ever. All in all, we will be there to assist you every step of the way.

SEOEchelon takes pride in its transparency with progress and results. We’ll make sure that you are always in the loop. Our efforts and strategies will be known to you, and you’ll receive constant updates on the progress of your website. We are transparent because we are confident in the abilities and talents of our SEO experts.

Through us, your medical services will be known to many. Patients in your area will find you more easily in search engine queries. With the help of our skilled and talented team of SEO experts, you’ll navigate the healthcare industry with relative ease, and your success in your field will be guaranteed.

Attract More Patients Today!

What are you waiting for? Talk to us and begin attracting more patients starting today! Let SEOEchelon be your partner in your medical growth. Let us take the load of giving your website and online platform an SEO overhaul so you can focus better on your clinical practice. We will grow your website, and you care for your patients. After all, that’s what you’re trained for. Let us do what we’re trained for as well. Let our experience and skills be to your benefit.

Through SEOEchelon, your medical website and health services will reach more patients. Attract more patients and let your practice flourish. Let’s grow together! Talk to us now. Let’s see what we can do for you.

Through high-quality content, effective interlinking and backlinking, auditing, and more, your website will grow over 95% in three months, if not less. Give your site an advantage over other healthcare websites today. Rank higher in the most popular search engine in the world and see an increase in appointments and in-clinic appointments!

Talk to us today, and we will do everything we can to generate more web visits and attract more patients. Let’s elevate your medical practice together.

We'll assist you in reaching your target audience effectively.

SEOEchelon adapts to the ever-changing landscape of the online world. As such, we are able to stay ahead of the curve and be the leading SEO strategist among our competitors. We are confident in our success, and, through our services, even more so in yours. We expand your online presence through multiple avenues and services.

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